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The Bears Den: December 02, 2013 - Week 13 Bears-Vikings news

There's no shame in being the team against whom Adrian Peterson reaches the 10,000 yard mark. It's the other 153 before that one that are the issue.....

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Bears stunned by Vikings in overtime loss - Larry Mayer: The Bears have suffered disappointing, discouraging and deflating losses this season. But none has been as heartbreaking as Sunday’s 23-20 OT defeat to the Vikings.

Trestman trusts Gould instead of risking more mistakes - Adam Hoge: There’s a lot more that went into Sunday’s ugly loss in Minneapolis than Gould's miss. Trestman’s reluctance to trust his offense to get even one or two more yards without doing something stupid proves just that.

Trestman: Bears' season is not over - Michael C. Wright: A 23-20 overtime heartbreaker of a loss to the Vikings on Sunday didn't eliminate the Bears from playoff contention. But it certainly made the road beyond the regular season much more difficult to navigate.

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Bears 20, Vikings 23 (OT)

AP reaches career milestone in Vikings' win over Bears - Game report and [Video] highlights from Box scores.

Larry Mayer's Game Blog - LM: Adrian Peterson gains 18 yards. Every Bears linebacker except Dick Butkus is blocked on the play.

Stats & Info - The Tribune's drive-by-drive chart, three Bears' performances of note, and game stats.

Bears lose to Vikings 23-20 in overtime - Dan Wiederer: Bears had plenty of chances to win their final game in the Metrodome but walked away with an emotional loss to the Vikings.

Bears run over by Peterson; Vikings win 23-20 on OT field goal - Patrick Finley: 6-6 Bears are one game behind the Lions in the NFC North, and do not own the tiebreaker.

Greene’s pick, Peppers’ overall play gave Bears a chance - Adam L. Jahns: The offense deserves ample blame for the Bears being 6-6, but there are still plays from Sunday that the defense undoubtedly regrets.

Gould, Trestman, leaky defense all contribute to demoralizing defeat - Bob LeGere: The Bears squandered numerous opportunities in all three phases and didn't deserve to defeat a team that came in with 2 wins.

Widespread failures in Bears' 'elimination' loss - Moon Mullin: Holding the Vikings to 17 points should have been enough but, with the offense unable to stay on the field longer than a 3:32 possession in the second half, the Bears blew a 10-point lead in the game’s final 8 minutes.

Strange loss creates hurdle for Bears - Melissa Isaacson: Curious Marc Trestman decision and other events add up to bizarre Bears loss.

Rapid Reaction - Dan Durkin: If there's such a thing as earning a loss, the Bears did just that. The Bears no longer control their playoff destiny and they only have themselves to blame.

Rapid Reaction - Michael C. Wright with a few thoughts on the Bears' 23-20 OT loss to the Vikings; yet more, Upon further review. Jeff Dickerson: 5 things we learned.

[Video] Jeff Dickerson & Michael C. Wright - The duo recap the Bears' devastating 23-20 overtime loss to the Vikings.

[Video] ESPN - Tom Waddle breaks down the Vikings' Week 13 win over the Bears.

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Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery continues to amaze - Brad Biggs: Second-year receiver breaks his own single-game team record with 249 yards in Sunday's loss to Vikings.

Spectacular TD catch highlights record-setting day by Jeffery - Seth Gruen: But Jeffery’s success hasn’t translated to victories. The Bears are 0-5 in games in which he has more than 100 yards receiving.

Dumb loss spoils Jeffery’s day - Dan Bernstein: It was going to be Jeffery’s day, one of a drafted and developing skill-position player who is becoming a star. Instead, we find ourselves needing to detoxify after overindulging from that lethal cocktail of bad and stupid.

Robbie Gould takes blame, Trestman deserves it

Trestman under fire for missed OT field goal - Kevin Patra: Marc Trestman decided to attempt a 47-yard field goal on second-and-7 in overtime. Robbie Gould missed the attempt and the coach is taking heat for the decision.

Gould misses game-winning field goal in overtime - Larry Mayer: Robbie Gould experienced a wide range of emotions Sunday. He started the day by becoming a father for the first time and ended it by missing a 47-yard field goal attempt in OT.

High to low: Emotional day for Robbie Gould - Patrick Finley: Robbie Gould’s throat snagged and stopped. "It was a lot of lessons in one day," he said. "It really was."

Robbie usually good as Gould, but not today - Moon Mullin: 40-49 yard FG zone is also the one in which Gould is least accurate (73%), compared to nearly 79 percent from 50 yards or longer, his next-worst.

Gould goes on an emotional roller-coaster ride - Rich Campbell: Experiences high of seeing the birth of his first child and low of missing winning field goal.

Playing it safe late in game costs Bears - Mark Potash: As dynamic and inventive a play-caller as Marc Trestman is, he is prone to fearing worst-case scenarios at the wrong time.

Trestman’s head-scratching calls prove costly in loss - Rick Morrissey: You do not kick on second down when the distance is 47 yards, no matter how great a kicker Gould is.

Trestman: FG attempt on second down "in the best interest of the team at the time" - Includes link to [Audio] of head coach's weekly radio interview.

Blame for loss squarely on Trestman - David Haugh: Unorthodox seems less cute now than it did in September. Trestman's return home for the first time as an NFL head coach will go down as the day he found a way to lose it.

Defense has trouble with Adrian Peterson

Defense gets pressure, but can't stop run again - Michael C. Wright: With the Bears generating near constant pressure on Ponder and Cassel, Chicago failed to contain Minnesota’s rushing attack after getting off to a promising start.

Adrian Peterson a one-man gang against Bears - Rick Telander: If there's any solace for the Bears, it's knowing that they lost to an offense propelled by one of the greatest RBs in NFL history.

211 yards: Bears just can't stop AP - Bob LeGere: Sunday was the fourth-most-productive rushing day of Peterson's career and his fifth 200-yard game.

Adrian Peterson wears down Bears' defense - Dan Wiederer: AP's longest run was a 23-yarder and he never reached the end zone. But that doesn't mean his constant stampeding over, into and around Bears defenders didn't exhaust a defense that was already spread thin.

More from the game

Four Downs - Dan Wiederer's thoughts in the aftermath of yesterday's loss.

Just no way to figure out this Bears loss - Mike Imrem: Judging by the past two months the Bears don't belong in the playoffs anyway. The offense can't pick up a yard when they need it, the defense can't stop the run and Marc Trestman can't make the correct decision even when his decision is correct.

Bears' playoff hopes on life support after loss - Barry Rozner: After winning games they should have lost, now the Bears are losing games they should win. They're just where they ought to be, sitting at .500 and on the outside looking in at the NFC playoff picture.

All you can eat at Bears' bad-and-stupid buffet - Steve Rosenbloom: The Bears have always depended upon the stupidity and ineptitude of opponents, and the Vikings tried to accommodate. But the Bears refused to take it from a 2-8-1 team.

Game notes - Larry Mayer: Alshon Jeffery breaks his own Bears record in loss; AP has second-best ever day against Bears; more from the game.

Game notes - Adam L. Jahns: Defense left encouraged with what Ratliff added; Forte now second in franchise history for yards from scrimmage; more from the game.

Game notes - Bob LeGere: Sluggish first half not acceptable, McCown says; D healthier but still allowed 496 total yards; Forte overtakes Neal Anderson.

Game notes - Adam Hoge: Bears missed many opportunities to end the game; Jeffery breaks own receiving record; defense shows some improvement; more notes from the game.

Game notes - Rich Campbell: Ratliff happy to be back on field; Bostic taunts, Greene saves; short-yardage woes continue; more from the game.

Bears quotes - Postgame quotes after the Bears lost 23-20 in OT.

Game grades

Stock Watch - Patrick Finley has Steltz, Peppers and yardage on the rise; Forte pass targets, O-line blocking and Gould on the fall.

Game grades - Mark Potash: COACHING (D) There’s only one way the Bears could be as productive as they were in so many areas and yet still lose to a 2-8-1 team.

Game grades - Jeff Dickerson's report card. Run D and coaching didn't do so well.


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