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Chicago Bears playoffs scenario: Beat the Eagles, win the division on Sunday night

The picture has come into focus for the Bears -- beat the Eagles and you're done. If they lose, they have to beat the Packers next week.

Stafford gonna Stafford
Stafford gonna Stafford
Gregory Shamus

Well that was a heck of an afternoon, huh?

The Steelers recovered a fumble by Matt Flynn late in the fourth quarter to defeat the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

The Giants converted a big fourth down halfway through overtime, and Josh Brown connected on a 45 yard field goal to propel the Giants over the Lions, and destroy the chance for the Lions to win a division they seemingly had in hand in just a few short weeks ago.

And now it comes down to Chicago.  Last week Jay Cutler returned, shook off some rust, and led the Bears to a victory against the Browns.  This week, on the national stage, he and his fellow bears have the opportunity to clinch their division and represent the NFC North in the playoffs.

That's not all.  Playoff seeding could be at stake as well.  It'd be best for the Bears to go ahead and win tonight. Their destiny is solely in their hands, and they can make their week 17 much less stressful.

First quarter open thread goes up near kickoff. Big game tonight.

Bear down!