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Bears vs. Packers: Gametime, TV, odds, injuries and more.

The Green Bay Packers come into Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears to decide the NFC North. Yeah, that sounds about right.

David Banks

It all comes down to this game. Of course it does.

We've watched both teams battle with second string QBs. We've watched the Lions choke away a commanding division lead in spectacular fashion.

We've watched historically bad Bears defense get picked up by an offense. What is that?

Sunday, at 4:25 ET/3:25 CT, the Packers and Bears will face off to claim the NFC North, and a trip to January football.

This matchup will be brought to you on Fox. Check to see if the map actually covers your area. The announcers for the game are Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, who have in the past called very even games with almost no hint of bias to particular NFL stars.

You're wondering who is hurt for this game, aren't you? Well luckily, we have an injury report for you to read right over here. Or if you want to see the preview, just click the magic words.

Check out the NFL odds at the SBNation odds page

Check out our friends at Acme Packing Company to get to know some more about the Packers.

Enjoy the game, and let's hope we have another one of these posts next week.