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Score Update: Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers 4th Quarter Open Thread

Join us for live discussion of today's NFC North Championship game.

Jonathan Daniel

Chicago Bears: 21

Green Bay Packers: 20

The Bears and Packers came out from the half with different goals. The Bears needed to stabilize the offense and get the game back under control. The Packers needed to put a touchdown on the board to put the Bears on their heels.

The Bears got their wish.

The Bears stopped the Packers on the opening drive, and took the lead on a Matt Forte touchdown drive of five straight run plays. The Packers drove for a touchdown, then Jay Cutler found Alshon Jeffery deep to take the ball to the one yard line, which Forte finished off for his third touchdown of the day.

The Bears ended the third quarter driving again, and really close to another touchdown.

Fifteen minutes remain in the regular season.

This is your fourth quarter open thread. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).