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If Marc Trestman is the Master Chef, what are his ingredients?

For a team to succeed and make a serious run in the playoffs, the recipe has to be just right. What is Master Chef Marc Trestman working with?

Jonathan Daniel

Marc Trestman is a first-time NFL head coach, and brings with him a brand new system to the Chicago Bears. He's got his recipe for success, but despite what reality shows tell us, a master chef has to have the right ingredients.

Trestman started his marinade before the season began, but has lost a lot of main ingredients along the way.

Injured Reserve:

- DT Henry Melton

- DT Nate Colllns

- CB Kelvin Hayden

- CB Charles Tillman (could return if Bears make postseason)

- LB D.J. Williams

- WR Joe Anderson

And that's just the IR. Consider players like QB Jay Cutler (4.5 games missed) and LB Lance Briggs (5 games missed), and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Some fans note that there were issues early in the season, before the injuries started piling up. While that may be true, you also have to consider that this team started 2013 with a new head coach, new offensive coordinator, new offensive scheme, new defensive coordinator, new special teams coach, new offensive line, nearly new linebacking corps... The list goes on and on.

It could be understood if the team came out of the gate stumbling and fumbling, as long as they started jelling after getting a few games under their belt. Yes, most teams in the NFL each year have to deal with injuries, but for a new team to have its most valuable players sitting on the sideline, there should be no surprise that the season isn't shaping up the way the master chef would have liked. You can't make gumbo without a good roux.

With Chicago sputtering lately, lots of fingers are being pointed in a lot of different directions... But how much to blame the chef versus how well the kitchen is stocked is not a new argument for the Chicago Bears.