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Jay Cutler, Lance Briggs ruled OUT for Monday Night Football

The quarterback's injury will keep him out for at least another game, but team is optimistic he can play this season.

Won't even get to put on their uniforms this week...
Won't even get to put on their uniforms this week...
Jonathan Daniel

Here is the news many expected, and some hoped for:

This marks the seventh week that Lance Briggs will be out after his injury.  The initial timetable was 4-6 weeks. Despite doing more at practice this week, he's still unable to go, and has now missed over half of the season. This is bad news for a team that could desperately use a healthy, relatively fresh Lance Briggs in the linebacking corps. With this news, we can expect the backfield of Anderson, Bostic, and Greene to suit up once again.

Regarding Cutler, the doctors have not yet cleared him medically, though the head coach remains optimistic that Cutler will return this season:

The injury bug unfortunately continues to affect the Bears, and will continue to propel the discussion about Jay Cutler's future in Chicago.  Stay tuned for any other developments.