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Who is the number one receiver on the Chicago Bears?

For years the Chicago Bears were in search of a legitimate number one wide receiver, and now they appear to have two of them. But in the spirit of Highlander, there can only be one. Who is the Bears #1 wide out?

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In this corner, an eight year pro out of Central Florida, standing six foot four inches tall, and weighing in at a chiseled 230 pounds, number fifteen, "The Beast" Brandon "Machine" Marshall!!!

And in this corner, a second year player from South Carolina, who this year has set the Chicago Bears single game record for most receiving yards in a game, not once, but twice, he is six foot three, and 216 pounds, number seventeen, Alshon "Don't call me Jefferies" Jeffery!

So far this season Marshall has Jeffery beat in the receptions category, 78 to 70, and in the touchdowns category, 9 to 5, but Jeffery has more receiving yards than Marshall, 1109 to 990. Jeffery also has a higher yards per catch at 15.8 to 12.7, and he's Marc Trestman's end around go to guy with 14 rushing attempts for 115 yards (8.2 ypc).

Marshall has been targeted 124 times, while Jeffery is at 118. In the yards after the catch category, Marshall has 215 while Jeffery has 326.

Jeffery also has Marshall bested in drops. So far in 2014 Alshon Jeffery has been charged with 4 drops to 10 from Marshall. Marshall however, has proven to have more reliable hands once securing the ball, as he hasn't fumbled once on the season, while Jeffery has put it on the ground two times.

Both have been very durable this season with neither missing a game. Marshall has played 94.3% of the Bears' snaps, and Jeffery is right behind at 90.2%

In my opinion both are outstanding blockers at the receiver position, an opinion that Pro Football Focus shares ranking both in the top 20 of wide out run blocking. In fact, Marshall is their top run blocking WR with a +11.3, far ahead of the 2nd best, Jerricho Cotchery at +5.6. Jeffery is at 17, with a +1.9 by the way.

For their overall play, PFF gives Marshall the edge over Jeffery +26.0 to +14.2. PFF currently has Marshall graded as the #1 WR in the NFL with Jeffery checking in at #7 overall.

Some would argue that Jeffery is thriving in his second year because he has Marshall drawing a lot of attention, but there have been games this season where defenses were rolling coverage to Jeffery on occasion as well.

B. Marsh obviously has the track record, but Jeffery has been amassing highlight reel plays in his second year.

Who would you call the Bears #1 receiver?

And none of this 1a/1b nonsense, there can be only one.