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Chicago Bears retire Mike Ditka's number; Da Coach has a message for Chicago

It was a special night at Soldier Field, both during official play and halftime.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Short, sweet, and to the point. The Chicago Bears retired Mike Ditka's #89 during halftime of the Monday Night Football contest versus the Dallas Cowboys, and both George McCaskey and Da Coach kept it short and sweet.

The Bears Chairman enthusiastically introduced Ditka to the local crowd, his voice wavering in the sub-freezing night air. When Ditka took the microphone, he thanked the Halas/ McCaskey family, coronated Chicago as having the greatest football fans in the world, and dropped the mic after one final battle cry:

There may or may not be another number retired by Chicago, but the team crossed an important item off their to-do list, regardless. Mike Ditka not only revolutionized the Tight End position, but carved the way into the hearts of football fans world-wide.

Here's to you, Mike Ditka... We are thankful for your contributions to our great city and our great football team. And GO BEARS!