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Jim Harbaugh - Chicago Bears Quiz

Remembering the good years Jim Harbaugh gave us as quarterback for the Bears. In quiz form!

Jimmy's still got it.
Jimmy's still got it.
Thearon W. Henderson

Long before he was a head coach heading to the Super Bowl, Jim Harbaugh was a moderately successful quarterback for the Chicago Bears. And of course, by moderately successful, I mean he was one of the best quarterbacks to play for the Bears in their long and sad history at the position. So in honor of the 49ers Super Bowl appearance squaring off against the also-Harbaugh-led Ravens, here's a little quiz to help you remember the good ole days with James Joseph "Jim" Harbaugh. Answers are at the end of the article, after two funny Harbaugh videos. Feel free to add any other tidbits or memories from Harbaugh's days in Chicago in the comments section.

  1. Harbaugh was drafted by the Bears with the 26th pick in the first round in 1987, and was the fourth quarterback taken in the first round. How many teams were in the NFL in 1987?
  2. What number did Harbaugh wear with the Bears?
  3. Against what team did Harbaugh call the infamous "Audible," resulting in a pick-six and leading to a Bears' loss?
  4. True or False: Harbaugh had a winning record as a starting QB for Chicago?
  5. Who was the Bears' primary running back during Harbaugh's tenure in Chicago? A) Walter Payton B) Lewis Tillman C) Neal Anderson D) Brad Muster
  6. How many playoff games did Harbaugh win as the Bears' starting QB?
  7. Harbaugh was released after the 1993 season. Who started the Bears' 1994 season opener at QB?
  8. Harbaugh is third all-time in Chicago Bears history with 11,567 passing yards. What is his rank for TD passes?
  9. Which of these teams did Harbaugh not play for? A) Indianapolis Colts B) Los Angeles Rams C) Baltimore Ravens D) San Diego Chargers
  10. What was Jim Harbaugh's nickname as a player?

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  1. How many NFL teams in 1987? 28.
  2. What jersey # was Harbaugh? 4.
  3. Against what team was "the Audible" called? The Vikings. Bears were up 20-0, lost 21-20.
  4. Harbaugh winning record as starter? True. 35-30 from 1988-1993.
  5. Primary running back for Harbaugh? Neal Anderson, who made four-straight Pro Bowls from 1988-1991.
  6. Number of playoff wins under Harbaugh? Zero. Bears beat the Saints in 1991, but Harbaugh was injured and Mike Tomczak started in his place. Harbaugh's only playoff game as a starter was a 1991 loss to the Cowboys.
  7. Who replaced Harbaugh in 1994? Erik Kramer.
  8. Harbaugh's rank for Bears' TD passes all-time? Seventh with fifty. Behind Sid Luckman (137), Jay Cutler (82), Billy Wade (68), Jim McMahon (67), Erik Kramer and Ed Brown (63 each).
  9. Which team didn't he play for? B) Los Angeles Rams. Played for the Colts from 1994-97, Ravens in 1998, and the Chargers from 1999-2000.
  10. Jim Harbaugh's nickname? Captain Comeback.