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Tim Jennings rewarded with pay raise

With Tim Jennings' Pro Bowl year, his contract got a pretty sizable boost.


Maybe Tim Jennings should go to Las Vegas this offseason if he's this good at betting.

The defensive back's contract extension, signed this offseason, included an interesting escalator/de-escalator clause which could have cost him up to $1.6 million had he had a bad year; conversely, his Pro Bowl trip and nine interceptions turned that clause into a $1 million escalator that makes his base pay for the year up to $4.25 million. Added with his roster bonus and workout bonus, with his signing bonus included as well, he can collect $4.6 million in 2013 and have a cap number of $5.1.

Triggering the de-escalator would have knocked his base pay down to $1.65 million, a collection of $2 million and a cap number of $2.5 million.

It's mixed news for the Bears, who have to be pleased Jennings reached the escalator, but that extra million cramps their tight cap room just that much more, especially combined with the more-than-doubling raises of J'Marcus Webb, Major Wright and Corey Wootton with their increased playing time.