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The Bears Den: February 15, 2013 - Offseason news and notes

"I say old boy, do you like Kipling?" "I wouldn't know, I've never kippled."

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Trestman lauds staff for teaching, communication skills - Larry Mayer: When Marc Trestman introduced his assistants to the media Thursday at Halas Hall, the new Bears head coach described them as excellent instructors with good communication skills.

New coaches will run similar 4-3 base defense - Larry Mayer: New DC Mel Tucker won't make any major changes to the team's 4-3 scheme or the defense's aggressive get-up-the-field mentality.

Chris Harris takes on a new role - Dan Pompei: The team and many of the players are the same, but clearly this is a whole new world for Harris. He is adjusting to longer hours. He said he hasn’t even had time to tweet.

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[Video] Kip Lewis & Moon Mullin - The Chuckle Brothers talk Bears' new coaching schemes

Bears cannot afford to overlook QB in 2013 draft - Moon Mullin: The question arguably is not if the Bears should draft a QB but when.

Trestman reached out to Cutler but will new staff reach ‘6’? - Moon Mullin: Trestman has brought in something that Cutler has never had before: a position coach who has actually has NFL experience at Cutler’s position.

New QB coach anxious to work with Cutler - Michael C. Wright: Matt Cavanaugh considered Cutler to be one of the drawing factors in coming to Chicago.

Dane Noble: Will Jay Cutler ever be a top-tier NFL QB?

Bears position analysis: OL - Brad Biggs: Look for Phil Emery to strike a balance this offseason with some moves up front for the line, which has been solid run blocking the last two seasons.

[Video] CTL discussion - Will Trestman and Kromer rebuild the Bears O-line?

Offense will have numerous influences - Brad Biggs: OC Aaron Kromer designed a successful running game for the Saints, using a mix of inside zone and power running schemes.

Free agents: OTs - PFF lines up the top free agent OTs and finds a variety of worthwhile options... some riskier than others.

Sam Householder: Bears free agency targets: Tackles

New coaches look to improve at TE - Brad Biggs: It stands to figure the Bears would like an upgrade when the OC worked with Jimmy Graham the past two seasons.

Free agents: TEs - PFF tanks the top TEs available in free agency.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr: Should the Bears draft a Tight End or sign a FA?



New DC surprisingly selling continuity - Dan Pompei: Mel Tucker is all about strengthening and developing the Bears' defense rather than installing his own. Mark Potash: Tucker will stick with Cover-2,

Bears got rid of Lovie Smith but not his defense - Moon Mullin: There are simple reasons as to why the Bears' new coaching staff are keeping the defense in place.

No reason to change Bears’ defense - Bob LeGere: Change is inevitable for the Bears as they transition to new head coach Marc Trestman after nine years under Lovie Smith. But the 2013 defense should have a familiar look to it.

Mel Tucker says Bears will stick with an 'attacking' defense - Dan Pompei: New DC said Thursday he plans on having an "attacking, up-the-field, penetrating defense," very similar to the one that had been run by Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli.

Steve Ronkowski: Bears Playbook - The Mel Tucker 4-3 Defense

[Video] CTL discussion - On Brian Urlacher's future with the Bears.

Futures remain murky for Urlacher, Hester - Brad Biggs: New Bears coach Marc Trestman said Thursday he has spoken with Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester but couldn't share much information about their futures. Jeff Dickerson: Trestman vague about Urlacher. Moon Mullin thinks aloud.

Franchise tags - Jason La Canfora analyzes the tag prospects for every team and thinks the Bears might use it on Melton. PFF concurs.

Will this Urlacher t-shirt become a collector's item?


Polish sausage

Under-the-radar free agents - Pete Prisco: Big names and big bucks make headlines in free agency, but it's little-known, high-value players who can make a huge impact. Could the Bears target one or two of the names on the list? Adam Schein with nine more.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Center Dominic Raiola reportedly agreed to restructure the final year of his contract. How will that affect how the top end of the draft will play out?

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