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Super Bowl 2014: Roles the Chicago Bears need to fill

With the coaching staff overhauled, here are some key roles for the Bears to make a push in 2013.

Gregory Shamus

The Chicago Bears will hit the field in 2013 with a new head coach, a completely overhauled staff, and lots of high expectations. General Manager Phi Emery talks a good talk, but we will see if his vision for the Bears under Marc Trestman will lead us to the promised land.

On that note, Hyundai has asked that we identify some players to fill certain roles for 2013, so without further ado...

Enforcer: Julius Peppers

We could have named Peppers to any of these roles, but at the end of the day, we know that an entire game's outcome can be decided based on little more than his mere presence on the field.

Brain: Jay Cutler

A new head coach with a new system... Cutler has long been known to be a cerebral football player, and Mike Martz once touted him as being the quickest learner he's ever worked with. Marc Trestman will bring his fast-paced passing offense to town, and Cutler's going to need to digest and process quickly.

Technician: Charles Tillman

Tillman hasn't always been the greatest in overage, but he makes up for that with his technical skills. Forced fumbles are as much a part of his repertoire as catching passes are for a wide receiver.

Loose cannon: Devin Hester

Will he retire? Will he be cut? I'll go out on a limb and say that Hester will be back for one more round next season, and will hopefully do so with a renewed mindset and motivation. He's due for some exciting kickoff and punt returns...

Motivator: Brian Urlacher/ Lance Briggs

If Urlacher is here in 2013, it's a no-brainer. If he's gone, the defense will have to look elsewhere, and Briggs would be the next in line. He's played next to Urlacher for years, and knows what it takes to keep the guys on defense fired up.

Prankster: The Boxers (LINK)

Muscle: Brandon Marshall

How long did Chicago Bears fans scream and shout for a big-bodied wide receiver that would go up and fight for the football? A long time. Now we have Marshall.

As far as these roles go, would you change any of them up?