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After Hours: Chicago Bears late night Open Thread 2/15

We won't be as entertaining as Rhonda Shear used to be on USA's Up All Night, but hey, we're here.

Christian Petersen

Up late and want a place to chat about the Chicago Bears? Maybe you're one of our many members living across the Atlantic? We've got you covered!

Feel free to jump in and discuss anything your heart desires...

Some topics for discussion:

From the team's official page: "In Kromer's four seasons tutoring the line, New Orleans sent five linemen to a combined nine Pro Bowls and tied for the fewest sacks allowed in the NFL with 96."

LSU Lamborghini: "I drove it a while, and saw the yellow when I was watching a football game and noticed that the helmet color was the same color as my car, and I just put two and two together. I thought my car would look cool with some purple tiger stripes if I took it to the game."

Some landing spots for Austin Collie: 'Collie would likely come as an inexpensive option too, as it's unlikely that any team would want to offer a huge deal to a player with such an injury history."

Ryan Clady to get tagged: "Clady is a three-time Pro Bowler and he has started every regular-season game for the Broncos since 2008."

NFL commish Roger Goodell got paid: "Thanks to a new CBA and new television contracts, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made nearly $30 million in 2011, according to Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal"

Vikings GM has no intention of trading Percy Harvin: "While Spielman may say he has no intent to trade Harvin, imagining a scenario in which Harvin holds out in order to get a new contract isn't hard to do. He has already stated that he wants a contract that would pay him an average of more than $10 million per season and that's something the Vikings are unlikely to do."

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This is your late night Open Thread... Have fun!

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