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2013 NFL Draft: The Tight End Position

Our player spotlights are informative, but we're going bigger picture here - twice a week, we'll bring you the top targets at a position the Bears need to upgrade, and today, we start with the tight ends.

Jonathan Daniel

For the last two years, we've been hitting the draft with individual player spotlights that the Bears might be interested in or that could help the Bears immediately. We'll continue with these player spotlights, but we also don't want to lose sight of the big picture, so we'll drop in the top players at a position that, quite frankly, could use an upgrade.

And we're starting that off with the tight end position. I'll admit, I don't want to just throw Kellen Davis out with the trash, because I don't think he's completely worthless (just mostly worthless; mostly worthless is different than completely worthless), but the Bears need a pass catcher out of the position, and Davis shouldn't be starting.

So anyway, here's some of the top tight-end targets in the draft, with links to my player spotlights if I've done one on them.

First Round Consideration: Zach Ertz, Stanford [Link] | Tyler Eifert, Norte Dame [Link]

Second Round Consideration: Jordan Reed, Florida | Dion Sims, Michigan State | Gavin Escobar, San Diego State

Third Round Consideration: Travis Kelce, Cincinnati [Link] | Ryan Otten, San Jose State

Kelce has been a hot name as anywhere between the second and fourth rounds and, unless the Bears are willing to spend a second-rounder on him, might take some Draft Pick Trade Jenga to get. Ertz and Eifert are the top two targets, but those second-round names aren't horrible either.

Which of these guys would you prefer the Bears go after? Any later-round prospects you like?