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From the archives: Who is this former Chicago Bears player? (Late Night Open Thread)

Not the players pictured above... Keep reading and the picture is at the end.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Another week is in the books, and we're already looking forward to next season. We've got a few important things that will happen between now and then, including:

- NFL Combine (Feb. 20-26)

- Chicago regional Combine (Mar. 10)

- Free Agency begins (Mar. 12)

- NFL Draft (Apr. 25-27)

After that, a few weeks before Camps begin. You can read more important offseason dates HERE.

Topics for discussion outside of the NFL Draft or Free Agency include (but are not limited to):

- Your #1 most-hated player of all-time in the NFL.

- Your #1 favorite Chicago Bears player of all-time.

- Your favorite non-Chicago Bears player of all-time.

- Imagine that 2013 is the first year of the Bears becoming a dynasty. Let's say that they win a couple of Super Bowls and are perennial contenders over the next decade. Can your brain even wrap around that? Would you know how to act?

Oh, and now a contest...

Can you name this former Chicago Bears player? First one to do so wins a free peppermint, courtesy of Kev H:


This is your Sunday Late Night Open Thread... Have fun!