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The Weekend Bears Den: February 02, 2013 - Postseason news and notes

They really should consider replacing the Pro Bowl with a cheerleaders v. mascots game.

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An oral history of "The Super Bowl Shuffle" - Gary Fencik: People today say, "At least you were a better dancer than Steve Fuller!" They are kind of damning me with faint praise. Steve could only move one leg.

Goodell addresses tackling, HGH, Rooney Rule, more - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league needs to make football safer by doing more to eliminate blows to the head and knees and by suspending players for illegal hits.

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What Marc Trestman can learn from Lovie Smith - Maggie Hendricks: New Bears head coach Marc Trestman has the tough job of improving on Lovie Smith's 10-6 record. What will make that job easier is to take a look at what Smith did wrong.

Steven Schweickert: 10 wins in first year won't be easy

Bears free agency preview - Jeff Dickerson examines the free-agent possibilities at guard.

Brain issues in back of Gary Fencik's mind - Fred Mitchell: Former Bears safety is without symptoms, but realizes seriousness of concussions for him and his contemporaries.


Polish sausage

Matt Bowen: The Players Page - Five things to watch in Super Bowl XLVII: 49ers' Pistol formation, Boldin vs. Rogers, Aldon Smith...

Matt Bowen's playbook - How 49ers use 'waste motion' to create matchups: Breaking down the tape of the Smash-7 route.

Mike Singletary had big impact on Ray Lewis, Vernon Davis - Dan Pompei: Ravens LB, 49ers TE both say former Bears great helped make them better men.

Jim Harbaugh learned a lot playing for Mike Ditka - Adam L. Jahns: Jim Harbaugh didn’t turn into the Bears’ franchise QB — he went 35-30 as a starter before joining the Colts in 1994 — but he valued every minute of his time with the Bears, working under head coach Mike Ditka.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Matthew Stafford's core mechanics are excellent, according to Trent Dilfer. Trent Dilfer.

[Video] Anthony Adams on CTL - Former Bears DT Spice Adams goes 1-on-1 in the CSN green room.

Ali G's cultural learnings in Wales.