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The Chicago Bears should extend Jay Cutler Now!

Our beloved boys in Navy and Orange are very close to salary cap Hell. Perhaps now is the time to work out a deal with Jay Cutler, lest Phil Emery be stuck in a Baltimore-esque Joe Flacco type situation.


Hello fellow Bears fans, we apologize for not being around lately, but we needed to take a sabbatical after the disappointing end to our season, and the firing of the swell Lovie Smith. Todd was laid up with a bit of a heart ailment (his psychologist asked that we stop saying heart attack, he claims the softer word "ailment" will lead to a more relaxed state of being for Todd), Carl found himself drowning in money issues after falling for a Ponzi scheme, Pat went 100% all in on our Blackhawks (Commit to the Indian!), and yours truly, Bill Swerski, just needed some time to reflect with my 72' television, my DVD of the 1985 Chicago Bears, and a few kegs of beer.

We're better now, thanks for your concern.
Now on to da matter at hand!

We do not envy the Baltimore Ravens and the pickle they allowed themselves to get in with their starting quarterback Joseph Vincent Flacco. Mr. Flacco played the 2012 season under lame duck circumstances, and after going on an impressive run through the playoffs, the Ravens are now looking at the distinct possibility of having to make a guy that has never been elected to a Pro Bowl one of the highest paid players in the history of the NFL.

We can foresee a similar situation playing out for a certain soon to be Super Bowl champion team, that is led by a certain, shall we say "less than popular, some say snarky, other say aloof, frosty personalitied, occasionally mustachioed, albeit hard assed, no-nonsense, no B.S., gun slinging, risk taking" quarterback named Jay Christopher Cutler, who is of course the signal caller for our Chicago Bears.

If we don't extend Jay Cutler before our very own historic, sure to be 19-0 Championship run, then Bear GM Phil Emery will be caught between a Maxwell Street Polish and a Vienna Beef Chicago Style Hot Dog.

Once our Monsters Of The Midway make the trek to the New York / New Jersey area for SBXLVIII in 2014, they will most assuredly put a beat down on which ever AFC opponent dare face them, and with our new Bill Walshian style of offensive football being implemented this year, the most valuable player of SBXLIII will without question be #6 in your programs, but #1 in your heart, Jay Sizzle himself, Jay Cutler.

And speaking of the old Bill Walsh West Coast Offense, we got a very good look at it when the 49ers were winning title after title back in the day. We hated it then, but for the love of Ditka, did we respect it. We're excited to see what the Marc Trestman version of the West Coast Offense will do for our Jay Cutler and the Offense.

If you remember correctly Cutler made his only Pro Bowl running a version of the "WCO" in Denver, back when he had some legitimate offensive talent around him including a certain #1 receiver that just so happens to be reunited and it feels so good.

Jay also ran the Ron Turner version of the "WCO" in 2009, his first year as a Bear, and he threw for the most TDs in his career, and the 2nd most yards of his career. So it's natural to believe that under the Trestman O, that he'll come close to these types of numbers, if not surpass them, so I'll just get a quick prediction out of the way now, and call it 4,500 passing yards and 35 touchdowns. Book it.

We didn't even get into the money saving part of our argument, but much like my colleague T.J. Shouse discussed earlier this week in regards to the most dominant defensive end to don the glorious 'C' on his helmet since the 80s, one Julius Frazier Peppers, a possible restructure and extension for Jay Cutler would make as much sense.

MORE: Renegotiating Julius Peppers' contract: the basics of a contract restructure

Why allow Jay to potentially become an NFC Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl Champion, and a possible NFL MVP in 2013, only to have his contract expire? Right now his deal has him in the middle of the QB pack in terms of money. His 2012 base salary is $7.7 million dollars with an additional paltry $1.9 in bonus money also owed. Why not write that check now before he reaches free agency? Do you really want to get in a franchise tag situation? Those rarely end well.

Jay Cutler is a lot of things, but greedy isn't one of them. He'll sign a fair deal, you have your guy locked up well into his 30s, and get some 2013 salary cap relief for a few other players. It makes perfect sense to us.

Now we know what some of you nay-saying, negative-nancies are thinking; 'but what if Cutler and the Bears do poorly, now we're stuck with an overpriced quarterback', and to that we say hogwash. Number one, we already mapped out the 2013 season for you as logically as we could, and number two, see number one.

While we indubitably love the smashmouth, defense wins championships, get off the bus running style, we also understand that for the first time in an unequivocally long time, our team has an offensive mind directing it. In this day and age of NFL football, the rules are designed to give an edge to the offenses, and we will have an 80s-like "WCO" offense with a 21st Century flair. It's like a Perfect Storm with our awesome D returning and our O being re-energized.

And if you can't see the astonishing, intimidating, and majestic future for our Bears when it's sitting right there in front of your face, then that's OK. We'll be sure to save a seat for you when you are ready to climb back aboard the bandwagon.

One more thing before I go, my kid said to throw this up and that all you Twits would know what to do with it. #PayJay

Bear down my friends...