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2013 NFL Combine Day 2 Open Thread: Bears to interview Manti Te'o

Day two of the NFL Combine has kicked off, so here is some info to get you though the day.


The Combine is a place where every team will talk to as many players as they possibly can, so it can be hard to differentiate between significant news versus just due diligence.

But, when the team is interviewing a player who could end up being the top prospect for one of their most significant needs, then you might have something.

With that said, Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery will interview Notre Dame star middle linebacker Manti Te'o today. Emery:

"That situation, as far as somebody having something that is different than what has happened to other people, I would say that is true with a good portion of this college class. Everyone, each individual is going to be unique, and they're going to have their own unique situations with their family that they have had to deal with, off the field, on the field and situations that come up in life. It's about how they handle it. Can they still produce and be a productive member of your team?"

Stay tuned...

Onto some Combine info, with what is left on the slate:

Groups 1 (PK, ST, OL), Group 2 (OL), and Group 3 (TE):

Thursday: Had their measurements yesterday, medicals, and interviews with the media... we will have the results of the measurements posted shortly.

Friday: Meeting with NFL Players Association, psychological testing, PK/ST workout, bench press.

Saturday: On field workouts

Groups 4 & 5 (QB, WR) and 6 (RB):

Friday: Measurements, medicals, and interviews

Saturday: Meeting with NFL Players Association, psychological testing, bench press.

Sunday: On field workouts

Groups 7-11, who are all defensive players, arrive today and tomorrow.

This is your Combine Day 2 Open Thread... The big boys will be on the bench press today, so that should be fun to see if another record is broken. What are you most interested in for today?