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2013 NFL Draft: Michigan State TE Dion Sims

Today we're continuing our looks into the mid rounds as we focus on Dion Sims of the Michigan State Spartans.


If the Bears choose to solve another need in the top rounds (such as a linebacker, offensive line or another wide receiver), the fourth round's a place where they can pick up a tight end if they aren't able to come up with Tyler Eifert or Zach Ertz - and that comes in the form of Michigan State's Dion Sims.

Sims has some durability issues (missed games in three of his last four years of playing) to go with a 2010 charge of receiving and concealing stolen property (which was ultimately expunged, though he did sit out the 2010 season), and is built more like a blocker than a pass catcher, but has solid enough hands and athleticism to be a decent two-way tight end. Sims has also put in a ton of work to mature and improve as a player. The other question with Sims is if the Bears would be willing to go with another Michigan State tight end after Kellen Davis' disappointing 2012 season has become the catalyst of the "Tight End!" clamor.

Sims is rated as the 132nd prospect overall in the draft and 7th tight end by CBS; WalterFootball currently has Sims slotted to the Bears in the fourth round. We know Sims doesn't see it that way, though.

What are your thoughts on Sims? Where would you take him?