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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Please enjoy these Ten Thoughts on the NFL, let us know what you think, and be sure to add a few Thoughts of your own in the comments section.


1) Lane Johnson, the super athletic offensive tackle from Oklahoma, is the prototype for what all tackles will start to look like. Offenses have to find a way to counteract the speedy edge rushers, and this is the next logical evolution for the NFL .

2) With no Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III type player making an obvious case for the top pick in the draft, I think the Kansas City Chiefs picking up San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith would be a great move.

3) The entire Manti Te'o situation, if you step back and look at it in it's most simplistic form, is just some shy, lonely, small town kid that was tricked, he was embarassed, was unsure how to deal with it, and was exposed. His naiveté isn't a crime, and neither was his reluctance to come clean once he realized he was fooled. Questions about whether or not potential teammates will respect him are ludicrous. He'll get joked in his new locker room, there might be a blow up doll or a mannequin involved in a prank, but if he can play football at the NFL level, that's all his teammates will care about.

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4) The New York Jets are actively trying to trade Tim Tebow, but I doubt they'll find any takers. Maybe a team will be willing to give up a 7th if Tebow were willing to switch positions, but he's been steadfast in his desire to remain a QB. Such a team player...

5) If I were an NFL GM, I'd take a flier on Michigan QB turned WR/KR Denard Robinson. His athleticism is unquestioned, his college productivity with the ball in his hands was damn good, and he has shown he'll do what ever is asked to make it in the NFL. I'd ask the 5'10", 199 pound Robinson to bulk up and play a WR/KR/RB role. I'd also ask him to tie his shoes.

6) Awesome move by the New England Patriots to extend Ton Brady. He may not play until he's 40 years old, but the cap savings they'll get the next few years will allow them to bolster heir team, and remain a Super Bowl contender.

7) It's looking more and more that the Green Bay Packers will cut tight end Jermichael Finley, and I hope the Bears pass on him...

8) With the Chicago Bears stating their intention to move Evan Rodriguez around in 2013, I wonder if they'll be in the market for a fullback? One guy to keep in mind is Kyle Juszczyk from Harvard. He wasn't a traditional FB in college, but his skill set translates to that position in the NFL. He impressed at the Senior Bowl, and he would be a good West Coast Offense FB prospect.

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9) I think the smart play for the Bears would be going best player available in the 1st round, and getting their tight end in the 2nd. There are a few very good TEs that could be available with the 50th overall pick. San Diego State's Gavin Escobar is a fast riser, that really helped himself at the combine.

10) If the Bears go the free agent TE route, one guy that isn't receiving a lot of buzz around Chicago is Martellus Bennett, and I'm surprised he's not getting more publicity. He's a traditional type TE that is a skilled blocker, but has shown solid ability as a pass catcher. He's not in the class athletically as Jimmy Graham, but he would be a good fit for the Bears.