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Mocking the Mocks: Who thinks the Chicago Bears will take

It's Mock Draft time in the NFL! That time of year when everyone and their grandma speculates on which player will go where. A time when we're sure to hear terms like "need position", "best player available" (or BPA for the true Draftnik), and "reach" thrown around. In the coming weeks here at Windy City Gridiron we'll look at a mock, present it to you, and ask you to mock it.

US PRESSWIRE is a frequent destination for the NFL Draftnik because they go deeper than just the 1st and 2nd round numerous times throughout draft season, and more is always better right?

Their latest mock, that was updated just today, has the Chicago Bears going in a direction that I have yet to see many other mockers go. Walter Football mocked out the first four rounds, so today we'll spotlight the three Bears picks. Be sure to check out their full mock draft before disagreeing, or agreeing, with who they selected for the Bears.

With the 20th pick in the 2013 mock draft, the Chicago Bears select; Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia... and here's what they had to say about the pick;

The Bears have revealed that they will be searching for a speed element to their passing game this offseason. If that's the case, they won't hesitate selecting Tavon Austin if he's available at this juncture. Chicago cannot have Devin Hester on the field as a receiver any longer.

Austin has jumped into top-20 consideration after a sterling Combine. He had one of the fastest 40s and was terrific in the drills. He has drawn comparisons to Percy Harvin and Wes Welker.

This would be an interesting pickup for the Bears, and if the actual draft fell this way, I could see Phil Emery going this direction. Many of the top o-line prospects are off the board, and Austin would allow the Bears to move on from Devin Hester. At only 5'8" and 174 pounds, he would probably do his work from the slot, but he's dynamic with the ball in his hands. His good work in the combine drills just solidified the thought that he is polished in his route running and receiving ability.

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With the 50th pick in the 2013 mock draft, the Chicago Bears select; Kyle Long, G/OT, Oregon... and here's what they had to say about Long;

If you've watched Jay Cutler take a beating throughout this past season, you know that they need to find multiple upgrades for their struggling offensive line. The versatile Kyle Long is one of the top players available.

With a wide out going in the 1st, you had to expect they would go OL in the 2nd, and Long is another solid pick. Yes, he is the son of Howie, and brother of Chris, so he has the good genes. He is a bit inexperienced, having only played two years at a junior college and one year at Oregon, but he's about as athletic as 6'6", 313 pound guys come. He has tackle traits, but his Oregon experience was mostly at guard.

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With the 114th pick in the 2013 mock draft, the Chicago Bears select; Dion Sims, TE, Michigan State... here's what they had to say about their 4th round mock for the Bears;

Here's even more help for Jay Cutler, who desperately needs an intermediate target to throw to.

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I know there's some concern from some WCG readers about drafting another Spartan tight end after the bumbling Kellen Davis, but the two players literally have nothing to do with each other. Thinking Sims will be Davis 2.0 makes zero sense. The combine showed speed, strength, and explosion from Sims, and his tape showed a good all around tight end.

My only question with the pick of Sims, is they still have Cincinnati's Travis Kelce on the board, and Kelce is receiving a higher TE grade than Sims by just about every scout. There are some red flags with Kelce, so I can see him slipping in the draft.

If the actual NFL Draft fell this way for the Bears I would be very content. They addressed some depth and competition for the o-line, and added two players that would make an immediate impact in the passing game.

Let us know what you guys think of the Walter Football mock draft.