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Charges dropped against Chicago Bears LT J'Marcus Webb

J'Marcus Webb was arrested Sunday for possession of marijuana, but the charges have been dropped.

Jonathan Daniel

JWebb Nation now has a reason to stand up. After being arrested Sunday for drug possession, he will not face charges.

Pulaski County State's Attorney Grayson Gile said Webb had 2.5 grams of marijuana in his possession when he was stopped for going 11-miles-per hour over the speed limit.

Since the arrest, Gile has classified the case Nolle prosequill. The term refers to a formal entry on the record by the prosecutor declaring he will not prosecutor further.

The charges are dismissed, but Gile said there would be a resolution: "I think it lends itself to a resolution that will be fair and equitable to all parties involved."

Gile declined to comment further on the case.

Webb made a first appearance in Pulaski County Court Monday where he paid $500 cash bond.

The case had been set for a March 18 hearing, but Gile said that hearing won't be necessary.

While it appears that Webb will be able to handle the legal side of things out of court, he may still face team and/or league penalties. Both the Chicago Bears and the NFL had said they are still gathering information, but have not commented further.

Webb is entering the final year of his contract, being owed a little over $1.3 million for 2013.


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