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Who is the one guy you would trade up for in the 2013 NFL Draft?

Currently the Chicago Bears are sitting at #20 in the NFL Draft, but if you could move up, who would you target?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We'll take reality out of the equation for now, and imagine you had the draft pick/player ammunition to move up from number 20, and select any player that will be available in the NFL draft. Do you think the 2013 Chicago Bears would be best served from adding the top cornerback on their board or one of the top offensive tackles? Maybe you believe the Bears would be wise to grab one of the top quarterback prospects in this draft, or to find a top three technique defensive tackle?

Here's my guy, Chance Warmack, offensive guard, Alabama, and I know what you're thinking; 'Why not an offensive tackle?' Because I think guard is a bigger need for the 2013 Chicago Bears, and Warmack is a heck of a prospect. I also think the top three tackle prospects will be outstanding professionals, I just think with the make up of this current Bears roster that Warmack is the way to go.

Even with J'Marcus Webb trying to sabotage his career by being a dumbass, I think he deserves a shot to remain as the left tackle. All the football sabermetrics type services had the 24 year old Webb making marked improvements each year he's played. With the new offense committed to getting the ball out quicker, I think holding on to Webb and seeing if his upward trending performances will continue is a smart football decision.

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Over at the right tackle spot, I think the Bears owe it to their 1st round investment to see if a healthy Gabe Carimi can play up to his his potential. I know he was a Jerry Angelo/Lovie Smith pick, but the franchise spent a 1st rounder on him just two short years ago. If Carimi proves to be a bust, they hopefully will have Jonathan Scott to fall back on. Phil Emery is on record as saying he'd like to re-sign Scott, so between him and Carimi, right tackle should be fine.

Which leads me to Chance Warmack. Theoretically the Bears could plug him in at left guard and, barring an injury, enjoy his Pro Bowl level services for the next 10 years. He's the consensus top guard in the draft, and some draft experts tab him as the #1 prospect in the entire draft.

At Alabama he did everything you want a guard to do, and he did it well. He played with strength, he played with leverage, he got to the second level on his blocks, he anchored to stop bull rushers, and he shows good feet in pass protection. compares him to Pro Bowler Carl Nicks, and compares him to future Hall Of Famer Will Sheilds. Warmack may not live up to Canton standards, but how nice will it be to have a player on the offensive line that you have confidence in to move the pile, and pick up a 4th and inches.

So now it's your turn, and remember this is purely hypothetically speaking (no need to justify your trade scenario), but if you could step into Phil Emery's shoes, who would you trade up for and select for the Bears?