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Chicago Bears Nick Roach raising money for family friend

The Chicago Bears have a long history of players using their fame for good causes, including with their current roster. Linebacker Nick Roach has a more personal touch to help a friend.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago Bears Care, and it shows in the way that their players engage the world at large to use their professional status to reach out to those who may need help.

Jay Cutler, Lance Briggs, Robbie Gould, Israel Idonije, Charles "Peanut" Tillman, and more have all set up charities that help great causes, whether it's suffering from illness, economic disadvantages, or more. Linebacker Nick Roach, though, is helping to set up something a little more personal.

This is a great opportunity for not only the WCG community, but the random Bears fans who make it across this page...

Roach has recently set up the Sam Henke Fundraising Raffle Sam Henke passed away in early January after battling an unexplainable liver disease through the end of 2012. This left his widow Amy, with thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. Sam and Amy were High School classmates with Roach at Milwaukee Lutheran, with Amy being a particularly close friend.

"I was so amazed by Sam's impact on so many people in such a short time, I knew as a friend and someone in my position I immediately felt compelled to help," Roach said.

To that end, Roach has put together a fundraising raffle with the help of his team, his teammates, and area businesses in the Greater Chicago/Milwaukee area. Some of the items include:

  • Helmet Signed by Urlacher and Roach
  • Tickets to 2013 Bears/Packers game at Soldier Field
  • Lunch with Nick Roach
  • Box Seats to a Cubs game
  • Personal Training Session with Nick Roach
  • and many, many more items.

In addition, each person who donates will receive an autographed 8x10 photo of Roach.

The way the raffle works is simple. Each entry requires $10, which is an entry, or "vote." If you want multiple chances to win, you pay an additional increment of $10. Each $10 entry counts as one chance to win. Donations will be accepted until midnight on March 2nd, at which point drawings will be made and winners contacted.

This is a great opportunity for not only the WCG community, but the random Bears fans who make it across this page, to not only have a chance to get themselves some really unique items, but to help out a family who could need it. If you have the means, please consider helping out. it's a win-win.

Oh, and if someone from our community does our community. We'll hide our jealousy in our pride of you.