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Super Bowl 2013 Pre-Party: Links and Tailgating

We're sharing some last-minute Super Bowl links and discussing how we're watching the game tonight.


The Super Bowl doesn't start for another two-and-a-half hours, but we felt it prudent to share some linkage with you all and get everyone together in advance of the Super Bowl tonight. This is our party.

Bill Barnwell wrote his own Super Bowl preview for Grantland. Not a horrible read.

Rick Reilly can go away and leave the country. His daughter may have wanted to meet her mother, but that doesn't give him license to insist Colin Kaepernick should do the same.

Ray Lewis has a rare chance to end his career a champion. Jerome Bettis nods.

Roger Goodell insists that large men rapidly and repeatedly colliding with and striking each other is safe for their brains, and continues touting the life lessons learned. "Any sport has a risk of injury," true, but not every sport is as violent as football. Boxing, maybe.

According to Jeffri Chadiha, the game will survive.

Baltimore Beatdown's Bruce Raffel says "Thanks, Ray Lewis." | Baltimore Beatdown's Super Bowl Coverage

Niners' Nation's Dylan DeSimone reflects on the perspective of the game the night before. | Niners' Nation's Wes Hanson gets back to the game's roots.

So with the heavy stuff down, what are you guys doing for the game? I've got leftover pizza from last night - not exactly the most glamorous Super Bowl meal, but it's what I've got here. My house setup's not any different from the regular season, the same 42" LCD in the corner of the room. Did anybody buy a new big screen just in time for the game?

The gamethread will come up at 5:15 CT / 6:15 ET, so be ready...