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NFL Thoughts Super Bowl XLVII Edition

The Baltimore Ravens triumphed over the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 34-31, but when it comes to the Super Bowl there's more going on than just the game. Check out some of our Thoughts from Super Bowl Sunday.


1) There is no conspiracy behind the Superdome losing power, and if you truly believe there was, then you need to consider distancing yourself from society for the rest of your life.

2) I know it's unlikely, but I'm really hoping Ray Lewis will go away for a few years. I'm not a Lewis hater by any means, I just grew tired of the B.S. surrounding him these last few weeks.

3) It's always easy to second guess, but the 49ers should have ran the ball one more time and/or got Colin Kaepernick an option play in that last series.

4) You expect professional officials to swallow the whistle in late game situations, but that final 4th down play in the end zone was about as obvious as it gets. If the ref wanted to make sure his call wasn't the game decider, all he did was unsure that his non-call would be the game decider.

5) How did the 49ers not go for the punt block in the final seconds of the game. They had to figure there was a good chance the Ravens would take a safety, and had they went all out to block, Baltimore punter Sam Koch wouldn't have been able to eat up so much clock.

6) Sticking with the special teams, I thought the fake field goal was a terrible call. If it were 4th and a couple yards then sure, but on 4th and 9 in that situation, let your kicker that was 30/33 on FGs get you 3 more points.

7) San Fran CB Chris Culliver made an ass of himself during the week, then went out and played a poor game.

8) I just knew there was going to be a Destiny's Child reunion! Michelle Williams just isn't on the same level as the other two members, I though she was a bit stiff in her routines and she struggled a bit with her change of direction.

9) The commercials were not up to par this year, and in my opinion they haven't been very good the last few years. I liked the Doritos commercial with the princess, the NFL Leon Sandcastle spot, the Budweiser ad with the Clydesdale reunion (I think Kev shed a tear or two), the Joe Montana stain, and the Seth Rogan / Paul Rudd Samsung pitch, but overall there were more bad than good.

10) Free agent QB Joe Flacco will get a huge contract, and his deal will likely mean that the Ravens will have to part ways with a couple other players. At what point is maximizing your contract worth hurting your overall team?