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Chicago Bears announce 2013 ticket prices

Chicago is one of the largest markets in the NFL, and still boasts some of the priciest game tickets.

David Banks

The Chicago Bears have announced their 2013 ticket prices, and there have been some upticks from last season. New prices vary in range, but the average increase is 4.2% from 2012.

Price increases range from $3 to $10 for 90% of the seating bowl, with some United Club seats remaining flat. Lower-level mid-field seating price increases range from $15 to $30. The overall average increase for 2013 season tickets is 4.2%. Non-club season ticket prices now range from $79 to $165, and account for approximately 85 percent of the seating at Soldier Field.

United Club season tickets range from $265 to $540. Season ticket holders will continue to see a $25 per game savings for each regular season ticket as compared to the individual game price.

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Since Soldier Field opened in 2003, there has only been one season that ticket prices did NOT go up, and that was 2009.

Last season, ticket prices ranged from $76-150, and the year before from $74-140.

I suppose we can call a 4% increase 'inflation'...

Will you be going to any games in Chicago for 2013?