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Green Bay Packers cheerleader stands up to Bears cyber-bully on Facebook

The internet can be used for really awful purposes, but can also be a source of encouragement. We hope this cheerleader's stand reaches a wider audience than just the football community...

Mike Ehrmann

This was brought to our attention in the last couple of days, and needless to say, it was unsettling. A Chicago Bears Facebook fan page apparently posted a photo with a disrespectful caption, and the comments that followed were absolutely uncalled for and not in line with what one would consider true sportsmanship.

As it happens, the photo was of a Green Bay Packers cheerleader, Kaitlyn Collins, and she did not sit idle. She took to YouTube, with a response to the photo and the comments. Ultimately, the fan page removed the photo, but we don't want to miss the opportunity to share her message on cyber-bullying.

GB Packers Cheerleader, Against Bullying (via Kaitlyn Collins)

We know one fan does not a fanbase make, but the internet can magnify and give a louder voice to those who choose to stir up dust. Sometimes the loudest fans can be the most embarrassing.

Kudos to Kaitlyn for taking a stand, putting herself in the public light, and not backing down until her message was heard loud and clear. That took courage, and we are proud of her for sending this message.

You can see a link to this story here. - LINK -