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Video: Devin Hester TD reception versus Dallas Cowboys

With all of the Devin Hester discussions going on, let's take a look back at one of his better plays from 2012 as a wide receiver.

Yo dawg, we heard you liked Hester, so here's a pic of Hester watching Hester score that TD that we're talking about.
Yo dawg, we heard you liked Hester, so here's a pic of Hester watching Hester score that TD that we're talking about.

Lot's of great discussion going on regarding the future of Devin Hester... Will he remain in Chicago, be traded, or sent packing? Will he actually retire as he threatened to do after Lovie Smith was fired by the Bears?

We likely won't know for a few more weeks, but in the meantime, why not have some fun by looking at one of his more memorable moments from last season. This is from Week 4: Chicago's 34-18 victory over Dallas.

A few things can be noted on this play:

- Jon Gruden was talking about how dangerous Hester is in these types of situations, and almost on cue, the TD happens. Is Gruden a wizard?

- Jay Cutler threw the ball off his back foot (surprise, surprise) from the 45 yard line, with pin-point accuracy. I wonder if Trestman will try to capitalize on Cutler's back-foot abilities...

- Marcus Spears (#96) breathed a breath in the general direction of RT Gabe Carimi (#72), who promptly fell to the ground. Carimi was flanked by both TE Kellen Davis (#87) and TE Matt Spaeth (#89). Davis, it appears, could have tried to make some sort of contact with a defensive lineman, but decided to just look around for a moment before bouncing out into a route.

- As Gruden noted, Hester made a double-move on rookie CB Morris Claiborne, who you may remember was the 6th overall selection in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. HESTER JUKED THE BEST CB IN LAST YEAR'S DRAFT RIGHT OUT OF HIS SHOES, Y'ALL.

- After the TD, Hester and Brandon Marshall do a celebratory jump-bump in the air, and poor Chilo Rachal (#62) was apparently trying to block a shot or something (note: he missed).

- Despite playing this game in a dome, in Dallas, there appears to be some sort of bird cawing at the end of the video feed. If you can help identify the breed, please let us know.

And here's a GIF of the route Hester ran, courtesy of Gifrific:


Anyways, we thought we'd take a brief look back at one of the finer Devin Hester moments of 2012. Feel free to jump back over to Kev's post about showing Hester the door RIGHT HERE if you so desire.