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Saturday Late Night Open Thread

Awake? Come jump in and chat about stuff and things...


Old things can be fun, especially when it relates to a certain heyday of a certain NFL team. Yes, we know that the Chicago Bears haven't won a championship in almost 30 years, and yes, we know that too many Bears fans live in the past...

But... how cool is this photo? (Credit: The world-wide leader) <- For a really cool bio of the 1985 Bears, click that.


There are a lot of memories to be had just from that one photo alone, and nostalgia is not something to be lost on us. While that settles in, have another photo from back in the day:


You gotta admit... That's one sexy 'stache.

Anyways, here we go with tonight's late night Open Thread. Feel free to jump in and discuss anything that's on your mind... From upcoming Valentine's Day ideas for da ladies, to your top-5 free agents... Anything goes.

Have fun!