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Friday Fury: your opinion on the Bears is wrong

Look, just because this is the slow part of the NFL season doesn't mean you have to throw out every possible scenario under the sun. Some people's opinions are just wrong.

Look, just because Clark Kent is Superman, doesn't mean I'm a superhero when I take my glasses off.
Look, just because Clark Kent is Superman, doesn't mean I'm a superhero when I take my glasses off.

This is the worst time of year for NFL fans; there aren't any games to look forward to, just endless speculation concerning draft picks, contract restructurings, free agent targets, and trade targets. It is fun to a certain extent; I enjoy a good mock draft and like looking at possible free agents that would look good in Chicago as much as the next chap.

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But the speculation does get tiresome and leads to a "jumping the shark" effect where the possibility game of who will be a Bear next year spirals into an obnoxious regurgitation of every possible scenario, no matter how ludicrous, from multiple corners of the interweb. Some people realize the outlandish-ness of some of this scenarios, while others are unwittingly swept up in the tide of the ill-informed.

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Obviously this opinions don't have to exactly be well thought-out or sensible (check some of the tweets sent to guys like Brad Biggs and Michael Wright for examples), it is the internet after all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't make your opinion correct or even valid. So, below is a list of ten opinions I've heard or read at some point that just blow my mind. Those opinions are wrong and flat-out indefensible except in your own delusional mind. If you believe in one of the items listed, feel free to argue your point in the comments section (although you very likely will not change my mind). And if you have encountered similar crazy statements so far this offseason about the Bears, throw 'em in as well. The more the crazier.

You're wrong if:

  1. You think the Bears can easily replace Henry Melton in free agency.
  2. You think the Bears should cut Julius Peppers to save money. Horribly wrong.
  3. You take advice from fans of the Lions, Vikings, or (especially) the Packers on how to improve the Bears. As a Bears fan you should know way more about our team than them. Shame on you.
  4. You think Marc Trestman is either: A) a terrific coach for the Bears, or B) a terrible coach for the Bears. His Bears' coaching record is 0-0, both undefeated and winless, so while you can argue he's closer to one extreme or the other, you cannot say he is actually terrible or terrific.
  5. You think the Bears should trade Jay Cutler or use a first or second pick on a quarterback. No, no, no. NO.
  6. You think J'Marcus Webb is the Bears worst offensive lineman and should be cut after his pot arrest speeding ticket. He was our best, most consistent offensive lineman last year (meaning he was average). Cutting a starting caliber tackle in the last year of his rookie contract (i.e. he's cheap) is insane.
  7. You still believe Devin Hester can have a huge role on offense in 2013.
  8. You think the Bears should trade up in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. They have five picks, a lot of roster spots to fill, and little cap space to do it. Trading up in the first would be too costly pick-wise and as short-sighted as a big money restructure of Julius Peppers' contract.
  9. You think Phil Emery and company are doing nothing since they haven't resigned, extended, or restructured anyone. Emery works like a ninja, in the shadows and under the cover of night. Seriously though, they're working hard. Just because they aren't giving you facebook status updates on contract talks ("sit down w/ Melts n agent, ordered caprise salad, yummers!!") doesn't mean they're on vacation.
  10. You think Shea McClellin is going to be turned into a linebacker. Stop that. Bad Bears fan. Bad.