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Sources: Chicago Bears to sign Tight End Martellus Bennett

The Bears have reportedly made their first move of the free agency year, as they look to sign former New York Giants TE Martellus Bennett on first night of the new NFL year.

Martellus Bennett to become a Chicago Bear
Martellus Bennett to become a Chicago Bear
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Here's your first big move, guys and gals:

And even more, from the new TE himself:

Now keep in mind, this is in principle only, as no deal is currently in place. However, it seems unlikely it would fall apart at this stage.

Aged 26 years, here's some important stats on Martellus Bennett:

6'6", 265 lbs

2012 Stats

  • 55 receptions (90 targets)
  • 626 yards
  • 11.4 yards/rec. average
  • 35 yd long
  • 5 touchdowns
  • 35 first downs

This is merely the first move by the Bears in free agency, but it helps us see what some of their plans maybe. It would seem that making your first move a relatively young tight end with some upside suggests some combination of the following:

Some of the current TE personnel will be gone. (Lookin' at you, Kellen Davis)


They probably aren't drafting TE in the first round

Bennett as a player will give them actual chance, and will remove a lot of the need to adjust personnel down to down, as he can typically play all three downs. He isn't a burner, but he can block and catch, which is a step above everyone currently on the roster at that position.

We'll keep you updated as we get more. Free Agency for the Bears has truly begun!

UPDATE: 3:46 CT - Per Adam Schefter, a 4-year deal