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Chicago Bears Release TE Kellen Davis

After the signing of Martellus Bennett yesterday, many figured it was only a matter of time before this news was announced. For many fans, it's a year too late.

This is actually him celebrating, not him missing a catch.
This is actually him celebrating, not him missing a catch.
Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Bears have parted ways with TE Kellen Davis, per ProFootballTalk

Per the story linked in that tweet, Kellen Davis is a former Chicago Bear.

Scheduled to earn a base salary of $2.4 million, Davis becomes a free agent.

As the starter for the last two season, Davis was often asked to work as a blocker, and to occasionally get open in the middle. As a starter he underwhelmed, and was often the recipient of fan criticism for falls, missed blocks, and generally poor play.

The five-year NFL veteran will likely find work for another team, where he won't be asked to take on the load that the previous coaching regime asked of him.

This move more or less had to happen after the signing of TE Martellus Bennett yesterday. We will see what additional moves the Bears have in store to get the cap under control.