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Chicago Bears cut defensive lineman Matt Toeaina

The cuts are coming more quickly for the Chicago Bears today as they make room to take on new contracts. Reports are that Matt Toeaina is out of the defensive line rotation in Chicago.

Matt Toeaina, former defensive lineman  for the Bears.
Matt Toeaina, former defensive lineman for the Bears.
Leon Halip

Yesterday, we asked where all the cuts were. Today, we're finding out. Vaughn McClure is reporting the Bears have parted ways with DL Matt Toeaina

Toeaina had a base salary of $760,000 as well as a $290,000 roster bonus and $75,000 workout bonus. Toeaina was reportedly asked to take a pay cut and refused. That is a cash savings of $1.125 million.

Drafted by the Bengals in 2007, he missed their final roster and was on their practice squad. Picked up by the Bears in December that year, Toeaina had appeared in 35 games for the Bears, never living up to the potential that many had hoped for from him. Registering two sacks (2010) in his entire time career, he was not much of a force up the middle to be reckoned with.

This could indicate another potential draft concern for the Bears, as the concept would likely be to get the same production for cheaper out of younger players.

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