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Sources: Bears to release tight end Matt Spaeth

The signing of Martellus Bennett seems to be rippling through the Bears roster, as the release of Matt Spaeth comes on the heels of the release of the other tight end, Kellen Davis.

Matt Spaeth released by the Bears Wednesday, March 13th.
Matt Spaeth released by the Bears Wednesday, March 13th.

The new-look Bears are starting to provide some extra hints of what they'll be like going forward. Per Jeff Dickerson at ESPN:

You can read the rest of Dickerson's story about this right over here.

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Spaeth came to the Bears from Pittsburgh. In his two years in Chicago, he played in 31 games with 13 receptions, and 3 touchdowns. Often utilized as more of a blocking tight-end, Spaeth was never truly given a chance in Chicago to prove if he could be a 3 down type of TE, but he probably could be.

Spaeth was due a $500,000 roster bonus tomorrow, so the timing of this release is hardly surprising. He'll still count about $333,000 or so against the cap, but this release frees $1.625 million of cap space.

It also suggests that 2013 might hold more activity for last year's draft pick, Evan Rodriguez, as Emery would probably like to see his new players make the field more often.