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Chicago Bears Free Agency: Martellus Bennett and Jermon Bushrod Introductory Press Conference Open Thread

The Bears signed two new players, and they're going to introduce you to them today.

Phil Emery speaks. We listen.
Phil Emery speaks. We listen.

The Chicago Bears are going to announce the first new pieces of their 2013 arsenal today at 1 p.m., central.

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You can follow the presser live in a few different locations:

The Bears will announce their new signings, the players will make some statements, and there's a good chance they'll field some questions about the moves they made today, in cutting Kellen Davis, Matt Spaeth, and Matt Toeaina.

Additionally, if you can't make those, make sure to check back here at WCG, as shortly thereafter we'll have the audio of the press conference, as well as analysis of what is said, the moves made, the player's comments and much more.

It truly is exciting to see the biggest paradigm shift in the history of the organization. Thankfully, we have the kind of technology that allows us to be connected as fans.