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2013 NFL Draft: Oregon LB Kiko Alonso

Does Kiko Alonso have a potential place as a Bear in this year's draft? We're looking at the playmaking linebacker.

Steve Dykes

With two of the Bears' three free agent linebackers signed elsewhere and the third still in limbo (or in limo, as I originally typed, though Brian Urlacher isn't exactly Patrick Kane in Vancouver here), today's draft profile goes to Kiko Alonso, Oregon's playmaking inside linebacker.

Alonso had plenty of early career trouble between a DUI arrest that cost him the entire 2010 season, a second arrest for breaking into an apartment and passing out intoxicated causing him to miss the 2011 opening game, and a torn ACL that he was rehabbing from when he was arrested the first time. But in 2011 and 2012, when he was on the field, he was a playmaker, winning the 2011 Rose Bowl's Defensive Player of the Game and in 2012 putting up 81 tackles including 14 for loss, four interceptions and two fumbles.

Alonso is a versatile (ding!) athlete that can play either inside or outside in a 4-3; he's got the flexibility and balance to maintain good zone coverage as well as the athleticism to handle man coverage. He also has the straight-line speed to make plays on the ball in pursuit. He can also be a bit of an agitator on the field, though his aggressiveness during play leads to some surprisingly good play at the line of scrimmage. The other knock on him is his limited time on the field, as due to his off-the-field issues he hasn't been on the field much until the last two seasons.

CBS rates him as the 108th overall prospect and the third best interior linebacker, a projected third or fourth round pick. WalterFootball marks him likewise as a third or fourth round pick and the fifth interior linebacker, and currently has him going at 113 to the New York GIants - one pick ahead of the Bears.

I'm not sure how one "gets past those two alcohol-related incidents and a torn right ACL,", but do you think he's a worthy pick in the fourth round? Do you think Alonso could effectively start right away?