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Pro Football Focus Rates Henry Melton Third-Most Undervalued Chicago Bear

Pro Football Focus released their Performance Based Value comparisons for the Bears, and Henry Melton ranked in as the third-most undervalued Bear in 2012. How did everyone else fare? Keep reading...

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One of the biggest disparities on a football team at times is the disparity between what a player is worth and what a player is actually being paid. So one of the tasks undertaken by Pro Football Focus, whose work we really enjoy over here at WCG, attempts to figure out those differences and show the most undervalued and overvalued players.

On the Bears, with the tagging of Henry Melton, it's only fair to say that he was the third most undervalued Bear compared to his contract. PFF marked his PBV at $6.2 million compared to his cap hit of $698K, with a difference of about $5.5 million.

Israel Idonije, surprisingly, topped the list, with a PBV of $8.4 million compared to his $2.5 cap hit for a difference of $5.9; Tim Jennings came in second. Interesting to note that whipping boy J'Marcus Webb ranks in at 10, the only offensive lineman in that set.

On the overvalued side, Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers lead the list with a value differential of -$8.4 and -$7.5, respectively, and Matt Forte comes in third at -$4.7. Kellen Davis came in at 9th-most overvalued with a differential of -$1.2, and Nick Roach also made the overvalued list with -$1.3.

The overall picture isn't too sunny, as the team's total differential is -$5.0, which reflects older players on more expensive contracts and a lack of impact youngsters, but quite a few of those were homegrown players rewarded with second contracts to begin with.

What are your thoughts on this particular metric?