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2013 NFL Draft: Running Backs

As our series starts winding down, we look at the running backs in this year's NFL draft. Should the Bears stand pat with their running backs, or should they introduce a younger player into the mix?


Yep, we're starting to get to the end of the series - I believe we just have the running backs, quarterbacks, maybe fullbacks, and kickers and punters left to go? Either way, we'll hit the home stretch here with the running backs.

Why would the Bears take a running back? I mean, they just gave Matt Forte the long-term deal he wanted last season and Michael Bush has another three years under his belt. The Bears actually probably won't take a running back in this draft for that reason. If they did, however... Consider the running back position in general, how it has such a short shelf life and how players can be great for a season before petering out to obscurity (or at least you somehow forget that Michael Turner was a Falcon, or you prematurely exaggerate the demise of a Chris Johnson). In that sense, the Bears have a pair of guys on their sixth seasons and could stand to add a younger body to the mix if the carries started piling up onto Forte (and Bush's ceiling isn't quite a top-level starter). I mean, the path to the roster involves beating out Armando Allen to get third-back carries.

Anyway, let's just get to it and take a look at some of the running backs in this year's draft...

First Round Consideration: Eddie Lacy, Alabama | Giovani Bernard, North Carolina

Second Round Consideration: Joseph Randle, Oklahoma State | Stepfan Taylor, Stanford | Jawan Jamison, Rutgers | Mike Gillislee, Florida | Le'Veon Bell, Michigan State | Montee Ball, Wisconsin

Third Round Consideration: Jonathan Franklin, UCLA | Andre Ellington, Clemson | Christine Michael, Texas A&M

If the Bears are looking at running backs, it probably won't be at the top of the draft with other needs (cough linebacker cough) to deal with, so they could look at a later guy like a Cierre Wood out of Notre Dame or Pittsburgh's Ray Graham, or maybe even a flier on Marcus Lattimore as he recovers from a dislocated knee.

Would you be okay with the Bears spending a draft pick on a running back? Who do you have in mind?