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Bears to Sign Tom Zbikowski

According to Sean Jensen, the Bears are expected to sign former Ravens and Colts safety Tom Zbikowski.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears have spent third round picks each of the last three seasons on safeties, including current starters Major Wright and Chris Conte - and have actually drafted a safety in each draft since 2008. You think that'd be enough, right?

According to a league sources and reported by Sean Jensen, the Bears are expected to sign safety Tom Zbikowski. Zbikowski was a third-round pick (surprised?) of the Baltimore Ravens in 2008 out of Notre Dame. I also presume he got bonus points for originally being from Park Ridge.

After spending four seasons in Baltimore, Zbikowski started eleven games last year for the Indianapolis Colts, picking up one sack, one interception and 27 tackles. Zbikowski also returns some kicks, with six returns last season for 123 yards and a long return of 34 - not exactly a Devin Hester in his prime, but somewhat capable. He also contributes on special teams even when he's not returning.

And he's sure to provide some muscle to the locker room with his short professional boxing career.

It's not a very flashy signing, but it bolsters the special teams unit and adds some extra competition at safety, so it can't be all bad. What are your thoughts?