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2013 NFL Draft: Cal C Brian Schwenke

We look at Cal center Brian Schwenke, a draft prospect that might be available to the Bears in the mid rounds.


It's been a while since we looked at an offensive lineman, so today we're turning to Brian Schwenke of Cal. Somewhere along the line, I could have sworn I covered this guy already, but I suppose anyone, even a 314-pound center, can fall through the cracks. With the additions of tight ends Steve Maneri and Martellus Bennett, as well as most notably tackle Jermon Bushrod, the interior of the offensive line is still something that could use some improvement.

Schwenke started his career at Cal as a special teams player before starting all twelve games as a sophomore at guard, then settled in fully at left guard in his junior season and moved to center in his senior season. He only missed one game his entire college career, which was due to illness. I know when I get sick I don't feel like going to work.

Joking aside, Schwenke as a player isn't the most impressive physical specimen. The two biggest knocks I see on Schwenke from researching him are his low shotgun snaps and less-than-impressive power and downfield blocking. But his strengths are a little sunnier-disposed - he's quick off the snap, will attack his target quickly, knows how to use his leverage (beware in free agency!) and is usually aware of his responsibilities and who needs assistance with a double team.

CBS lists him as the 92nd overall prospect and the third center, a third-round selection. WalterFootball lists him as the fourth center, a third or fourth round pick - currently they have him at 122 (4th round) to the Packers. So by default the Bears must prevent this. DraftTek has him going at 96 to the Chiefs in the third round.

Are you interested in Schwenke? Where would you take him in the draft this year?