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2013 NFL Draft: Quarterbacks

We're turning our attention in the bigger picture of the draft to quarterbacks.


Last time, we touched on the running backs, so this time, we'll head to what I believe is the last non-special-teams position in the draft and touch on the draft's quarterbacks.

Why would the Bears take a quarterback? For the sole reason of replacing Jay Cutler halfway through 2013. (If you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm.)

There are a couple reasons the Bears could take a quarterback in this year's draft. Cutler's not going to be kicked out the door midway through the year unless he throws 30 interceptions through six games or something to that effect. That being said, the Bears currently don't have a backup quarterback beyond Matt Blanchard and Josh McCown. I like McCown, but more as an emergency guy that you literally pull off a high school field. And I like Blanchard, but I'm not sure his upside is there (if he is the 2013 backup, may he prove me wrong, of course).

The other factor is Cutler himself. A lot depends on if the Bears view him as the guy in 2014 and beyond, and on top of that, having another quarterback option isn't a bad thing, right, Rex? Rex?

So the Bears need a backup and, depending on Blanchard, a long-term developmental type. With that, let's check out some of the guys in this year's draft:

First Round Consideration: Geno Smith, West Virginia | Matt Barkley, USC

Second Round Consideration: EJ Manuel, Florida State | Ryan Nassib, Syracuse | Mike Glennon, NC State | Tyler Wilson, Arkansas | Tyler Bray, Tennessee

Third Round Consideration: Matt Scott, Arizona

There's not a ton of quarterback talent this year, not that I'd want Matt Barkley on the team anyway. Scott is enticing if he falls into the fourth, and Zac Dysert had a rough run in post-season workouts but still has some talent and willingness to improve. Sean Renfree isn't a bad late option as well as Alex Carder - Renfree is an intelligent passer, and Carder's stock really suffered with the rough team that surrounded him last year. And Jordan Rodgers would be hilarious for the "Brother Vs. Brother" games with the Packers.

What are your prospects for drafting a quarterback this year? Does anybody catch your eye?