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2013 SBN blogger mock draft: Chicago Bears pick is on the clock (VOTE)

Imagine if the Chicago Bears front office actually allowed fans to vote on their 1st round draft pick... Now is an opportunity for you to play armchair GM.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, all 32 SB Nation NFL bloggers get together and hash out a mock draft. In 2011, yours truly nailed the Stephen Paea pick- it wasn't in the correct round (I took him in the first)- but, hey, that still counts for something, right?

Right now, I'm on the clock for 2013, and once again there're still some premium prospects from which to choose. I've made my unofficial pick, but wanted to put out a list of players, and let the WCG community have a vote.

Note: The results of the vote won't change the pick that I've made, but it gives everyone an idea of what the thought processes could be in the following scenario.

All of the players listed below were still available at #20. If someone at their position is not listed, you can assume they are already off the board. For example, I listed three linebackers, and Alec Ogletree was already off the board.

Please vote how YOU would draft in the event the following players were all still available at #20 in the first round. For the purposes of this poll, trading back is not an option.

Sound off!