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2013 NFL Free Agency: Former Chicago Bears backup QB Jason Campbell signs with Cleveland Browns

While he was probably the preferred backup in Chicago, he was also too expensive.


Reports are out this evening that free agent quarterback Jason Campbell has signed with the Cleveland Browns, joining former Bears tight end Kellen Davis, who signed with Cleveland after being cut by Chicago last week.

Jason Campbell stated all along while with the Bears that he wanted to be able to compete for a starting position somewhere, and with the lack of salary cap flexibility in Chicago, it's no sur[rise to see him sign elsewhere.

This leaves a significant hole in the roster, with 2012 3rd-stringer Josh McCown also a free agent.

Matt Blanchard is signed through 2014, but won't be considered the #2 guy for at least another season.

Current free agent quarterbacks include:

Rex Grossman

Caleb Hanie

Luke McCown

Brady Quinn

There are others out there, but you'll have to click on the NFL draft tracker to sign them (LINK). I say bring back Rexy. Seriously.

Phil Emery has been a busy bee... He won't let the Bears QB situation ride until the draft. Stay tuned...

Fast-forward to 0:50 for the start of the Rex Grossman highlight reel. I don't know why YouTubers feel the need to wait so long to get to the actual action these days...