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Chicago Bears mini camp to start April 2nd

We will finally have some honest to goodness football news to report on next week, as the Chicago Bears will kick off the off season schedule on Tuesday, April 2nd.


Thanks to the brand new coaching regime, the Chicago Bears will begin their off season schedule earlier than in years past. Marc Trestman and company will get things started on Tuesday, April 2nd. Here's their full off season schedule from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk;

Bears: Opens April 2; closes June 13; April 16-18 voluntary minicamp; June 11-13 mandatory minicamp.

Even though Trestman will have a watchful eye on the proceedings starting Tuesday, he won't be allowed on the practice field. All that is permitted in 'off season phase one' is strength and conditioning work, and rehab. The only coaches allowed to participate are the strength and condi­tioning coaches, as long as they have no other coaching responsibilities with the team.

In the Bears case those would be, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Mike Clark, and Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Arthur. Clark, in his first season with the Bears, is a member of the USA Strength and Conditioning Coaches Hall of Fame, and Arthur will be beginning his 9th year in Chicago.

The players aren't even allowed to have a football on the field unless it's simply a QB throwing to an uncovered receiver. But technically it's football practice. Finally...

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