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Chicago Bears sign former NY Jets guard Matt Slauson

The Bears continue to revamp their offensive line by adding another new piece to the puzzle. To think, people were worried they might not do anything to address their blocking woes.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Per the Chicago Bears own twitfeed, the Bears have another new offensive face:

Slauson (6'5, 316lbs) comes to the Bears from the New York Jets, and before you get too worried, no, he is not the guard who was responsible for this play (he's actually the one who sealed off his man to the outside):

Slauson has started the last three years, and figures into a position that is currently somewhat of a question mark. Don't believe me, ask Brad Biggs:

The Bears add Slauson to a mix that is thin at guard. James Brown made three starts as a rookie at the end of last season. Edwin Williams is still in the picture. This is a position general manager Phil Emery could target high in the draft. Former first-round pick Gabe Carimi could also be in the mix at guard.

And say, here's a fun tidbit from @EvanSilva over at NBCSports:

You have to figure that Slauson will stay at his left guard position, so he and Bushrod should hopefully make a formidable combo to keep people off of Jay's back.

Assuming the season starts today, you'd probably be looking at a line from left to right of:

Bushrod - Slauson - Garza - Carimi - Webb

That has the chance to be a much better line than in 2012, which is what Trestman's scheme will need. What say you, Bears fans? Are you happy with this pick?

UPDATE: I would be remiss, as a fan of safety, if I didn't also mention that Slauson was the player with the block that knocked Brian Cushing out with an ACL injury last year:

As you can see, Slauson launches himself at Cushing's knees while Cushing is running towards the play.