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Chicago Bears re-sign quarterback Josh McCown

Just a guess, but I think Josh McCown's new deal will be slightly lower than that of the other QB that signed a contract today.


Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery continues to add to his roster, on the heels of signing a new offensive lineman, the Bears have re-signed quarterback Josh McCown to a one year deal.

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McCown didn't get in any action last year, but in 2011 he appeared in three games, and showed a little moxie. Last year he served as the #3 QB for the Bears, behind Jay Cuter and new Cleveland Brown Jason Campbell. As the roster stands now, McCown would be second on the depth chart, ahead of untested Matt Blanchard.

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Jay Cutler should be happy with this move, last year he spoke fondly of McCown;

"There are so many different aspects to what he brings to this team, especially for me," Cutler said. "He's been in a lot of different situations, and he's been in the league a long time. He's had success, he's had down years, and he's just a positive guy.

"It's a grind-it-out league, and you need some optimism and some positivity, and he brings that."

What do you think of this move Bears fans? Does this satisfy the vet QB requirement some fans wanted?

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