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2013 NFL Draft: How Big of a Need is Defensive Back?

Matt Bowen gives ten names for the Bears to consider in the first round; why does he list two cornerbacks? We examine his reasoning as well as his list.


With the draft coming up in approximately less than two months, the Bears probably have a good idea of what their big board is starting to look like prior to the free agency period. So it's with that in mind that Matt Bowen offers his take on ten guys the Bears might be willing to take a chance on in the first round.

Quite a few of the options are guys we've brought up before, such as Chance Warmack, Lane Johnson, Manti Te'o and Tyler Eifert, but a couple that he mentioned make me pause a little bit.

In yesterday's spotlight on Terry Hawthorne, I mentioned that cornerback depth behind Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings is still a need, so to see two cornerbacks in Bowen's ten guys is kind of startling, between Xavier Rhodes and Desmond Trufant. The third linebacker is becoming more and more of a two-down position as the nickel back and third down defensive back became more prevalent in today's NFL, but I wasn't quite sure that the Bears needed a third starter-quality defensive back right away. That being said, if they agree with Bowen that it is a starter's position, if Rhodes and Trufant were in play, it could be done.

Peruse the rest of the list; of those ten, which do you prefer? Do you agree with Bowen's assessment?