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Are the Bears Likely to Trade Up for a Guard?

SI's Chris Burke theorizes the Bears could jump up to grab guard Jonathan Cooper. Would that interest you? How much would such a move take?

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Truth be told, I'm one of those that thinks if you have your eyes set on acquiring a certain player, you get that player on your terms (see: the Brandon Marshall trade). Given the restocking that the Bears have to do in the draft and given the quality of player that is spread throughout the upper rounds of the draft, this is a year that I'm not really into giving up multiple to get one. But apparently you can count Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke among those that think trading up is likely.

See, Chris Burke put together a list of trade-ups that could likely happen. And one of those is the Bears trading up from 20 to about 12 or 14 (Miami or Carolina) to grab Jonathan Cooper.

The Bears hold the final selection in the top 20, so one of the draft's two elite guards - Chance Warmack or Cooper - could fall into their laps. However, for a team that's badly in need of an upgrade on the O-line, there will be some nervous moments should one of those two (likely Warmack) hear his name called early.

Chicago doesn't figure to put all its chips on the table to move up a few spots, but a swap with, say, Miami at 12 or Carolina at 14 could be mutually beneficial.

Jumping up 30% or 40% to grab a player, in my opinion, is a little cost-prohibitive unless one of the things going the other way is a player - the Bears just don't have the pick ammunition to move up unless they cough up next year's picks too.

What do you think? If Warmack or Cooper go early, should the Bears trade up to grab the other?