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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

It's time for that Monday afternoon staple here at Windy City Gridiron, our Ten Thoughts on all things NFL. We'll have a slight Chicago Bears slant of course, and be sure to use the comment thread to chime in on any Thoughts you may have.


1) Jake Long is not worth $11 million a year. That's just silly talk, especially for a player whose 2012 season resembled that of J'Marcus Webb.

2) With a couple more combine participants stating that teams are asking about sexual orientation, the NFL is skating on some very thin ice. They need to investigate thoroughly, and come down hard with a hefty fine.

3) I'm not sure what to make of the female kicker that had a try out with the NFL. On one hand, she deserves kudos for following her dream, but she was terrible. Like really terrible. She apparently injured herself on her first kick, but there was noting in her approach that told me she could have hit an NFL quality kickoff.

4) Reports have Darrelle Revis, Pro Bowl corner back of the New York Jets, on the trading block, but he expects top dollar, the Jets will no doubt want a ton in return, and he's coming off a knee injury. Do you think Revis is worth it at this point in his career?

5) Now that the Joe Flacco deal is official (six-years, $120.6 million, with $52 million guaranteed) I think we've all learned one thing. Timing is everything.

6) The buzz surrounding the NFL Draft big boards now has Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher sitting on top, and a lot of the mocks are reflecting the move by having the Kansas City Chiefs picking him at #1. I see a handful of can't miss offensive linemen in this draft, but who's your number one overall prospect?

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7) And speaking of Mock Drafts, the latest from the Mother-ship still has the Bears taking North Carolina offensive guard Jonathan Cooper at #20.

8) The Atlanta Falcons released running back Michael Turner, but now have interest in free agent running back Steven Jackson. It's evident that Jackson is an upgrade, but I'd interested to see how much the soon to be 30 year old tail back will set the Falcons back. There's a lot of mileage on the former Rams workhorse.

9) Don't worry Notre Dame / Manti Te'o fans, the controversial linebacker claims that he'll get his 40 time in the 4.6 range for his March 26th Pro Day. If Te'o does improve, will that be enough to quell the doubters?

10) I just don't see any scenario playing out that doesn't end with Brian Urlacher signing a short deal to stay in Chicago.

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